Our Brand Story

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

So you want to know more about us and how all this started. 

Well grab a drink and lets go.

Our passion for making our own cloths started in the late 90s after we could not find anything that we liked that no one had, so we started to rework our own clothing to make it ours, with our passion for the outdoor sports of Skating, MTB and BMX, we took a look of inspiration from all of these to create our own clothing, we used to go to jumble sales (do these still exist) and car boot sales to find cheep clothing to reuse in to something we loved.

After friends and family started to ask us to make items for them as one offs we did, we then thought lets do this for people, so we used to meet up at the skate park, or the local track, and we ended up with clothing from everyone and we just did our thing, we had no plan we just did what we thought would be cool at the time, using paint, ink, and other old clothing. 

As the time went on life took over and we stopped........


But in 2020 we thought lets do what we love and enjoy, so we now only use sustainable ink and cotton, recycled clothing, or clothing to save it going to waste, our plan it to give back to nature the place that give us so much fun as children.